West Epiros
Typical Beach in West Epiros

This description provides information of ancient sites, seaside resorts, churches, monasteries, landscapes and small towns and villages. Additional details can be found in various books printed on Greece, such as the 'Blue Guide to Greece.' The names of places conform to the accented Greek pronounciation which would be the one a traveller would face upon a potential visit.

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This is the main town and the major port of entry for ferries arriving from Italy and Western Europe. Igoumen�tsa is also a lovely town

and the center for the entire western part of Epiros as well as the main port for ships connecting K�rkyra and the mainland.

Immediately after exiting customs, relegated to avoidance of illegal immigrants, visitors meet many travel agencies and travel offices offering cut rate tickets. Revis is one of them and offers special deals on ferries. Students are catered for with their travel needs, including Eurail passes (Eurail passes normally include the train to Brindisi and ferry into Greece).

There are two camping sites in Igoumenitsa, one to the right as we arrive (about 15 minutes walk) and the other, to the left as the ferry arrives (we see the beach and tents before the ferry nears Igoumen�tsa.

Cost for either of these is about DRA 1500 per night for a tent. Bring or purchase mosquito repellents. They will drill you otherwise. Two hints are useful here:

  • If its windy, Mosquitos will keep at bay so if you susceptible, sit where there is a good draft
  • If you are eating in a restaurant, remember that mosquitos will attack you under the table, aiming at your bare feet, so always wear loose trousers and put the hems inside your socks.

Savoy furnished apartments, 0665/ 23957
Xen�a, 0665/ 22282
Akt�eon, 0665/ 22330
Ast�ria, 0665/ 22704
El Greco, 0665/ 22245
Epiros, 0665/ 22504
Jolly, 0665/ 23970
Oscar, 0665/ 23338
Acropolis, 0665/ 22342
Egnat�a, 0665/ 23648
Lux, 0665/ 22223
Rex, 0665/ 22255
Rh�dos, 0665/ 22248
Stavrodr�mi, 0665/ 22343

A beautiful village and the last bastion of Turkish occupation in the area. S�vota is a very pretty seaside village adorned with lovely sea, sandy beaches and wonderful clear water.

There are many 'free' camping sites nearby, right after the village on the right. You would need a 4 wheel jeep to negotiate the 'roads.'

Further on the road, there is a intersection, one side of which leads to the village of P�rdika (up a hill), the other side leading to a new road heading for P�rga, not yet finished. On this main road, there are many little side roads leading to the sea, in really pristine beaches. Worth trying!

Long Summer (apartments), 0665/ 93260
Robinson, 0665/ 91461
Mourtem�no, 0665/ 93314
S�vota, 0665/ 91467
Evi, 0665/ 93307
Acropolis, 0665/ 93263

A nice small village, built right on the south side of hill, about 50 kilometers from Igoumen�tsa. The site is near the Agios Don�tos monastery. The road from Paramithi� towards Io�nina is very pretty going through mountain passes and narrow roads. The direction takes us through Ag�a Kiriak�, Pardal�tsa, Ag�a Anastas�a and Dod�ni. We cross the mountain range of T�maros (1816 meters altitude) which offers superb v�stas.

Paramithi� used to be a center of copper production and even today produces much copper and pewter cups and accoutrements. Restaurants abound, in both sides of the small town.

Souli, 0666/ 22208

A very nice town, on the seashores of the Ioanian sea, built in an old Italian style, completely over-run by visitors in the summer. Built in a bay littered with small islands, it offers variety of views, friendly atmosphere and excellent food, outside the peak season.

P�rga has more hotels than Io�nina (which is twenty times bigger) and is more expensive. However it is a treat, and this can't be emphasized enough!

Alfa, 0684/ 32111
Bacoli, 0684/ 31200
Lichnos Beach, 0684/ 31257
Miltos Beach, 0684/ 31384
Parga Beach, 0684/ 31294
Valtos Beach, 0684/ 31610
Acropole, 0684/ 31239
Alkyon, 0684/ 31022
Avra, 0684/ 31205
Della's, 0684/ 31655
Magda's apartments, 0684/ 31228
Olympic, 0684/ 31360
Or�a Th�a, 0684/ 31457
Rezi, 0684/ 31627
Torini, 0684/ 31219
Calypso, 0684/ 31316
Tourist, 0684/ 31515
Antzela, 0684/ 31614
Possidon, 0684/ 31056

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