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As you view the Ellada site, you may see things you would like changed. In this case, please let us know.

Before sending comments please note:

We get hundreds of messages per week and we just can't answer them all. We try but we can't guarantee it. To ensure you get an answer, make sure that:
  • We are happy to include URLs in our search page. Send us details
  • Messages must be in simple text, no ms-word files etc
  • Messages must NOT be in Greek - we can't handle Greek fonts, but can be in phonetic Greek
  • We are NOT a travel agency and we can't arrange for tickets for anything
  • We can not send you color brochures; contact the nearest EOT office(Greek Tourism Organization) for that
  • We have been getting many downright rude messages on various pro-Greek and anti-Greek issues. This is a travel database, and as such there is no place for such comments. Take them elsewhere.
  • This is not the place for pro- or Anti-Serbia issues - we are a travel database
  • Before asking for information check our website (http://ellada.com) for the info you seek please!
  • We often take up to 2 weeks to reply. So please be patient!!!!
  • If you get no reply after 2 weeks, it means the answer to your question is NO!


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