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Watch an interview with an Australian working in Greece! How did he get a job? How much is he making? what kind of jobs are available? What kind of jobs are needed?


An interview with David.

Working Working in Greece

Greece in the summer time is a place to find work and to enjoy work. Who could ask for more than sunshine from morning till night, warmth, and a few thousand drachmas to get you going, day in, day out.

Of course it is not as simple as that. But it is straight forward nevertheless. There are two types of jobs available and they are destined for two types of people.

  • European Union nationals can get a job in Greece easily. They dont need any papers and benefot from similar rates as for Greeks.
  • Non-European union nationals can also get jobs, but the pay will be less, because after all they are illegal workers.
There are two types of jobs available in the summer.

  • Restaurant/waitressing type jobs where the only thing you need is some knowledge of drinks/food and languages, including some Greek. So get a phrase book before you set out and then go for it. The pay is not that great, but then what do you expect. You should take home between 7500 and 15000 drachmas per day(about $30 to $60), excluding tips. The low amounts are for non-EU nationals. Work in this environment may also include camping site work, where you would be expected to work with other foreigners and do menial jobs, but you get a place to stay and one day off a week. However, be aware, when you are cleaning camping sites, it is amazing what campers do, and how they do it! Be advised, is better than not, however.
  • Office work is easier if you an EU national. This type of job pays well, especially if you have knowledge of the internet and the web, computers and the like, and can bring you up high salaries of about 200000 and more drachmas per month(about $800). You would be expected to work two or three months and then you can enjoy your vacation. You can also get jobs in this field if you are not an EU national, but then be expected to be paid less.
Well, now that you have some basic information, how do you go about finding work?

  • For waitressing type jobs, arrive early in the season and make a proper appearance at any restaurant or camp site and ask for work. If they dont have any, they will tell you where there is some work. Dress wisely; dont show up with a bathing suit and expect to get a job. If you can't come early in the season (ie May), then come in the middle, when people change jobs. So either you get there early and then enjoy your vacation, or enjoy a vacation first and then get to work. You need money to pay for your return ticket after all!
  • For computer type summer jobs, check out Greek internet sites, and e-mail them with your CV. Tell them what you know and how long you can work, and ask them to direct you accordingly. Start by trying http://www.compulink.gr and go from there. Ensure you start your search before May to get jobs for the summer.
Which ever way you go and whatever you do, there is nothing nicer than working on a warm island, where friends you make, will last you a life time. Enjoy!

Above all, enjoy your stay and tell us all about it upon your return!

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