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Stereá Elláda Although this is not the most popular area of Greece, it nevertheless contains some of the nicest scenery, some of the wildest areas and a plethora of flora and fauna. It contains the Agrafa (unwritten) area, the southern Pindos and plenty of gravel roads for those that enjoy four wheel drive cruising.

Stereá Elláda includes the town of Karpenisi (the regional capital), the artificial lakes of Kremastón and Agriniou and lowlands full of wheat fields.

It also includes the great monasteries of Metéora, built upon huge stone pillars, towering hundreds of meters up in the sky, as the photo shows.

The Agrafa region, which contains some of the nicest places in Greece, also is the site of many monasteries dating back to the 12th century, that due to their inaccessibility, were never visited by the occupying armies (Turkey).

A map of Stereá Elláda, highlighting these areas, as presented below, is available here(160K).


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