The Greek summer social scene

coupling The Greek summer social scene.

If you wanted a more interesting subject on a Greek summer, this one would be hard to beat! Millions, yes that is a real amount, of young tourists head to Greece every summer with the scope of meeting a dark Greek man, just like they see in history books, or a dark alluring Greek girl, with brown tresses in her hair, and a body reminiscent of Aphrodite de Milo (go to the Louvre Museum in Paris to see what I mean).

Whether they come from Scandinavia, Canada, US, Australia or anywhere else, tourists, male or female, will certainly meet and come across partners that are Greek.

In the islands, the beer flows easily, the surf hits the beach with the right speed and sound, and generally, as in most western TV programs these days aimed for kids, no less, sex is everywhere. Whether it is heterosexual, or homosexual, whether it involves drugs or not, whether durex is the brand or not, there is plenty of it. Let's not forget that in ancient times, sex was a big thing in Greece; think of a beautiful island like Délos, which was a mecca for love in ancient times, and you quickly see why people want to repeat the same thing, some 2500 years later.

However, whether this is your aim or not, there is some things you must know about such scenes to make your stay, and your return as enjoyable as possible.

  • If you are a female (any age), and a Greek guy, whether handsome or not, approaches you, this is called Kamáki. He is trying to get to know you, to show you things to impress you. In the process you may want to avoid such encounters, just politely tell him thank you, and ask him to go elsewhere. If your aim is to be cajoled by such antics, then by all means, enjoy yourself. But be prepared to go all the way, and dont mislead him.
  • If you are a male, then by all means, get to know Greek women, but very few travel on their own, and most of them travel with other women. There are very few things they dont know, and be aware about your expectations; although TV is widespread, not everyone knows about baseball, and that Tucson won the NCAA championship in whichever year!
  • Always, yes, always, have condoms with you. In some places, such as Ios, and Mykonos, there is such a preponderance of tourists that AIDS has also made its appearance. This is the kind of souvenir that is best left alone.
  • Alcohol flows easily. But drinking heavily at lunch is a guaranteed way to get you to the hospital. The afternoon sun in July is deadly, so dont over do it. Beer is cheap (about $1 a bottle), so price is no issue. Dont ever drink and then sunbathe. And leave hard liquor alone. For one thing, if you get drunk, you will never know whet happens to you and what things people did with you. This is a place where conviniently forgetting is a sad excuse. This is not so much for the Greeks, but the other millions unknown foreigners who have other things in their mind, than having a good time.
  • If romance developes between two of you in Greece, please let us know. You never know, the best relationships are made in heaven. And Greece is the nearest place there is to it! Enjoy!

Above all, enjoy your stay and tell us all about it upon your return!

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