Hydro-foil schedules in Greece

Please note the following information is directly from the printed brochures of Hellas Flying Dolphins shipping company. To book, call: 01/4199200 or fax to: 01/4131111. Add 011 30 if calling from the US/Canada or 00 30 if calling from Europe.

It is easy to find the terminal of dolphin ferries at Pireaus. Take the electric rain to the last stop (Pireaus) and cross the main road towards the ferries. Walk towards the left, and the flying dolphin terminal is about 300 meters ahead.

The ships actually fly just above the water at speeds up to 44 knots (normal ships go at about 18 knots) and cross inter island distances in less than half the time of ferries. However they cost twice the price of the ferries tickets. Mykonos maybe DRA 6000 one way on the normal ferry boat, while the flying dolphin costs DRA 12000. Children less than 4 are free; 4-10 are charged 50% of the fare.


A typical Flying dolphin flight

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