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Events Calendar

Yearly events calendar

  • 1 New Year. This is the beginning of the new year when people wish each other 'kali hronia.'
  • 6 Epiphany
  • February


  • 25 National Independence day. The day celebrating the revolt against the Turkish occupation which started in 1821.
  • April It is on April 30, 2000(dates vay depending on the year)

  • 27 Easter Thursday
  • 28 Easter Friday
  • 30 Easter
  • May 1 Easter Monday
  • 23 Agios Giorgos / Saint George nameday.
  • May

  • 1 May Day. The day when Greeks collect flowers and make wreathes, which they hang on their doors.
  • June

  • 29 Agios Petros and Agios Pavlos day (Saint Paul and Peter Day).
  • 30 Agioi Apostoli/Apostles.
  • July

  • 18-19 Profitis Ilias. A big festival commemorated in many mountain tops where churches dedicated to Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elia) are found.
  • August

  • 6 Metamorfosis.
  • 15 Agias Panagias. Assumption of the Virgin Mary is widely celebrated, especially on Tinos Island.
  • September

  • 8 Genesis Panagias/Birth of Virgin Mary.
  • 14 Tou Stavrou/Of the Cross.
  • October

  • 26 Agios Dimitrios
  • 28 Ohi day, when the Greeks told the Italians 'No' (Ohi) in 1940.
  • November

  • 8 Mihail and Gabriel day.
  • December

  • 6 Agios Nikolaos.
  • 25 Christmas
  • 31 New Year's eve when children go from house to house singing carrols (kalanda).

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