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Athens Map of Peloponisos Sounion Read info on this site Attica page - Ellada.com

This description provides information of ancient sites, seaside resorts, churches, monasteries, landscapes and small towns and villages. Additional details can be found in various books printed on Greece, such as the 'Blue Guide to Greece.' The names of places conform to the accented Greek pronounciation which would be the one a traveller would face upon a potential visit.

For a general map of Attica, click on map above.

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The capital of Greece and the largest city with a metropolitan population of more than 3 million (1/3 of the population of Greece).

A detailed map of Athens can be found here.

Info on Athens can be found in many places (check out http://www.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries/Greece for example and general information can also be found by going to the main Elláda page.

Pláka shopping area in Athens

A view of Mt. Leecábetus


View of the Acropolis (56K modems+).


The Panhellenic Stadium (56K modems+).


Penteli Fires - Summer 1998 (56K modems+).

A lovely seaside town, now a suburb of Athens, full of expensive boutiques and night clubs. In Glifada there is also a large Marina with facilities for yachties.

Further down on the seaside towards Cape Sounion, this is another nice place full of hotels, pensions and private beaches. Very full in the summer. Here is also a medicinal spa, right on the vouliglani lake, used over the years as a solution for anything from rheumatism to cancer.

A very nice seaside town, with its own fishing port and a nice beach, which gets busy in the weekends during summer by vacationing Athenians. It also has a series of very nice restaurants, that are rather expensive (fresh fish sells for about DRA 10000/kilo).


Sounion View (56K modems+).


Sounion Overall View (56K modems+).


Sounion Sunset - WOW! (56K modems+).

The famous temple of Poseidon still stands overlooking the whole of the Aegean sea. A very nice site, especially wonderful in the winter with the wind beating hard. Nearby there are many expensive hotels.

A recently renovated seaside port which used to be the site of many mines adorned in bouxite, silver and gold, that have been in operation since ancient times. Lavrio is also the port for ferries to Kéa and a main center for fishing due to its abudant fish market (most reastaurants come here to buy fish and serve it at tripled prices). Hotels are plentyful and relatively cheap (from DRA 7000 per night).


A view of Lavrion - Summer 1998 (56K modems+).

A site with the temple of Vravron still in evidence. Open at regular museum hours, ir has standing columns and overlooks a fertile valley.

A nice village on the east coast of Attica, and a main port for ferries serving Andros, Tinos, and Mykonos. It is a better port than Pireaus (less people) and the ferries are cheaper.


Seaside view (56K modems+).

The main starting point of the Marathon race (it is 42km to Athens) and the site of the Marathon lake that supplies water to Athens.

Marathon lake


Attica, inside (56K modems+).

A very nice village situated on the side of Mount Párnitha with a lovely train station often used as a modelling stage. The train station is situated about 3 kilometers from the main village. A track leading into the mountain and terminating at its peak, can be found by going to Hrisovrísi (towards the mountain).

The station is adorned with nice tavernas, right behind it. To taste the Greek railway system, take the train to the next station and back (it costs DRA 170- 80 US cents). The train at 11:36 is especially nice, being old with the clack-a-ti-clack sound of trains gone by.

The road from Athens to Korinthos is one of the busyest in Greece. Firstly, it links with Patras and the ferries arriving from Italy and secondly it is the gateway to Peloponisos for the millions of tourists who tread its soil every year. A Map of the route Athens-Korinth, can be had by clicking here.

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