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A storefront in Greece (56K modems+)

Shopping in Greece is a memorable experience. From really low prices to excellent quality, visitors are often amazed at what you can find. Here are our picks for things to buy in Greece:

  • Jewellery - Greek craftsmen from ancient times have made absolutely wonderfull jewellery. From gold to diamonds to opal, craftsment always seem to blend today's quality and prices with ancient designs. The best may well be Lalaounis (they are at the airport, Mykonos, Kerkyra, Heraklion, Thesaloniki), Zolotas (Athens, Mykonos, Kerkyra, Rhodes) and many others. Just take a stroll down Adrianou street in Plaka and see what we mean.
  • Fur coats - Most of the world's excellent furs comes from Kastoria, up in Western Macedonia. Although fur fashion has become no longer in vogue, furs are still great buys in Greece. Stores in Ermou street, off Syntagma square specialize in fur coats.
  • Antiques - Many antiques stores exist in Greece, altough to get real Greek antiques you should visit Christie's or Sotheby's in London (and have the millions required). Sculptors make several copies of ancient statues in teracotta and plaster of Paris, and sell them basically anywhere. By law, a copy must have a government stamp of approval on it, otherwise it may be confiscated if taken out of the country.
  • Leather - there is plenty of leather sandals for sale as are bags and jackets. Ensure you get quality products by looking at the stitching (the first part that comes apart) and the size of thread used - bigger the better. In plaka, you can pick up a pair of sandals for about DRA 7500 (about $24).
  • Sponges - many divers work the depths of Kos to search for sponges for your bathing pleasure. Beware however of cheaper far eastern imports; real sponges must be labelled as being made in Greece (they cost more than double the Asian couterparts, but naturally don't break apart easily).
  • Department stores - there are in abundance from Macro to Vasilopoulos to Minion; they offer quality at a good price. However, ensure you get Greek products; coming from abroad will make you see foreign sweaters at higher prices than at home!

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