You NEED Real Player G2 to listen to these audio clips.
The attached are radio quality music tracks designed to introduce you to Greek music. We recommend you purchase the appropriate CDs for maximum enjoyment and full quality.
All of this music can be played by Real Audio Player, which delivers superb quality at today's speeds in real time! Download the player from and also visit the Real Audio site for more details. The new G2 player is automatic. Some tracks are also available on either the WAV or the AU format, to download and listen to subsequently.

Greek music is rather different to most music you have ever heard! Most real Greek music, "Laikiļæ½musiki" as it is called, is composed of ballads accompanied by an instrument called the Bouzouki, which looks like a small guitar.

We have been asked to withdraw the music clips from this site. We apologize! We will let you know when they become available again. Thank you for your understanding. They are however availkable on the Ellada 2000 CD-ROM. Full quality, Real Video files as well as AU (for Linus) and WAV files for Windows PCs.

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