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Travel Agencies for Elláda

For students only STA Travel
This is one of the companies that handles student travel in the UK. It is well represented around the country, with offices in many places, especially in student cities.
    STA can be found at:
  • 74 Old Brompton Road, London W7, 0171/ 937-9962
  • 25 Queen's road, Bristol
  • 38 Sidney Street, Cambridge
  • 36 George street, Oxford

Campus/USIT is another student organization and organizes flights to Athens during the summer months.

    USIT is at:
  • 52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0AG, 0171/730 8111
  • 39 Queeen's Street, Bristol
  • 5 Emmanuel street, Cambridge
  • 13 High Street, Oxford

For Independent travellers INDEPENDENT TRAVELLERS
There are thousands of travel companies, some well known for example Thomas Cook, others not so well known. Some of the better respected travel companies include:
    With accomodation
  • Corfu a la Carte, 01932/22 0477
  • Best of Greece Travel, 0171/255-2320
  • Manos Holidays, 0171/608 1161
  • Voyages Ilena, 0171/924 4440

Mountaineering specific:
  • Exodus, 0181/675 5550
  • Explore Worldwide, 01252/34 4161
  • Sherpa Expeditions, 0181/577 2717

Sailing holidays:
  • Sunsail, 01705/21 0345
  • World Expeditions, 01628/7 4174

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